“I have been painting and was working on sacred spaces, places in my memory and places that I’ve actually been to, so that I can remember what they were and what was sacred about them.”


“I’m trying to make forms that make an interesting silhouette.”

My name is Laura Blue Waters. I am an artist.

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I believe that every human being is capable of creating art, but at some point, many of us lose the capacity to create. I did not. I was born an artist, and at any stage in my life, art has been what I seek to create.

An artist will create with sticks and mud if that is what is available. I am blessed to have a variety of materials and equipment to choose from, and a hunger to explore ideas and processes.  

Color is emotional to me. It is the most important element of my recent “Sacred Spaces” painting series. I've had the opportunity to live all over the globe in Ethiopia, Turkey, China, and Romania. My work has been influenced by my time as a global citizen, and some of my encounters in those places with what some call are the Divine are expressed on my canvases. The ethereal light and forms of ancient ruins and cathedral interiors appear as memories that transfer to my work. Nature is also a major influence in my work. The shimmering lights of a horizon, the quiet of a forest, and the rushing of rivers and streams are points of inspiration from my memories and dreams.

 A beautiful ceramic glaze applied to a sensitive form can also express the Divine. Chinese celadon glazes are soft, often brilliantly clear or softly opaque, with peaceful hues of greens and blues channeling the complexity of the universe. I love the chemistry of a good glaze, as well as the aesthetics. Turning a pot of the potter's wheel is not only the act of creation, but the process to completion requires that the vessel withstand the fire of the kiln for better or worse. We are a vessel to be filled and emptied throughout our lives.

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Come visit me at

825 Central Ave Hot Springs, AR 71901

I am proud to represent the thriving arts community in Hot Springs with a spot directly downtown amongst a plethora of talented and thriving artists, merchants, and small business owners. My goal is to contribute to the artistic community by hosting events, nurturing artists, and doing all I can to enhance the beauty of my community.